For as long as statistics have been taken, bicyclists have made up a disproportionate number of traffic casualties.  Luckily, the past few decades have seen a more-or-less steady decrease in the number of bicyclists involved in accidents throughout the United States as safety awareness on the part of both bicyclists and the drivers they interact with has risen.  Since advocacy has bumped our proud state up to No. 13 on the League of American Bicyclists’ list of bicycle-friendly states, common Utah bicycle accidents can be expected to decrease still further.

Even so, human nature guarantees that the risk of a collision with a car will never be reduced to zero.  (In fact, an unreliable internet resource reports that the first auto accident in the U.S. occurred between a motorist and a bicyclist in 1896, when it can be reasonably assumed that there were no other vehicles not operated by horses within a 3,000-mile radius.)  If you should ever fall victim to unlikely circumstance, Christensen and Hymas are there to offer support, legal counsel, and advocacy should occasion so require.  To find out whether you would benefit from a bicycle accident attorney, call 801-506-0800 for a free interview.