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More people are now using cycling as their primary mode of transportation. Reasons for this range from environmental concerns to fitness goals to economic necessity, but they all lead to the same result: more bikes on the road. Fortunately, bike-friendly cities are also a growing trend. This post outlines some of the characteristics of bike-friendly cities in Utah and around the country.

The Features of Bike-Friendly Cities

Cyclists often feel unsafe riding close alongside heavy traffic and large vehicles. However, bike-friendly cities are growing in number throughout the country. Some of the common features installed in these cities include the following:

  • Bike racks

Bike racks and other tools that allow you to secure your bike are essential, because they help to prevent theft and allow for easy parking and access.

  • Bike lanes

Dedicated bike lanes offer cyclists a place of their own on the road, and are ideally protected by a median or other barrier. These lanes prevent collisions and other traffic issues.

  • Bicycle traffic signals

Cyclists often encounter unresponsive traffic signals, which can be frustrating. Vehicle detector systems that rely on a car’s weight to trigger a green light may not react to a bike’s weight, so cyclists are often forced to “run” red lights.

 Utah’s Most Bike-Friendly Cities

In 2015, the League of American Bicyclists ranked Utah among the top 5 bike-friendly states in the USA. Here are some ways that cities in Utah accommodate cyclists.

  • Salt Lake City

The state capital has a good reputation for its protected bike lanes and special bike routes, such as the Airport Trail and City Creek Canyon. For more information on cycling in Salt Lake, check out BikeSLC.

  • Ogden

Ogden is becoming more bike-friendly, and recently unveiled the Ogden City Bicycle Master Plan. The plan includes designs for shared lane markings, buffered bike lanes, and designated bike boulevards.

  • St. George

St. George is certainly close to some beautiful mountain biking trails, but the city itself is also good for cycling. They recently earned an award from the League of American Bicyclists.

Utah Bicycle Lawyers

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