In one of the most iconic movie scenes of all time, the beloved fictional character, archaeologist Indiana Jones, flees a boulder that is rolling down a narrow passage just behind him in Raiders of the Lost Ark.  The suspense of this scene is palpable because escape from an inexorable force of superior speed which fills the entire path of movement seems like the ultimate of infeasibility.  Indiana Jones cannot simply dive out of the path of the boulder, and he cannot outrun it for long—he is literally trapped between a rock and a hard place.  When he eventually does reach a higher place to which the boulder cannot follow, he is met there by spear-wielding natives; and the suspense is thus sustained.

This sort of knuckle-biting is great for feature-length homages to 1930s serials, but most people do not need to experience these sorts of thrills on, say, their daily commute.  At present, cyclists constitute a small minority of travelers, and other drivers are still getting used to them.  Accordingly, the riders of bicycles and motorcycles face a disproportionate number of risks as a result of their size, their degree of exposure to the elements and other vehicles, and the relative instability of their mounts.  Yet, a growing number of cyclists are opting to make their journey even more perilous by texting while cycling—a feat that should not even be attempted by the drivers of cars, let alone those who are even more open to injury in the event of an accident.

Cyclists are already at enough of a disadvantage without texting while cycling; likewise, they endanger others when they act with so little regard for roadway etiquette.  Furthermore, bicyclists already have a damaging reputation as being flippant about traffic laws; and this hurts the case of the genuine victim.

If you, either as a law-abiding cyclist being stymied as a renegade or as a motorist/pedestrian injured by a texting cyclist, require assistance in seeking compensation for your injuries, Christensen & Hymas can help.  Not only do they have a long history of overcoming the obstacles facing all sorts of commuters; they treat all of their clients and cases with compassion and integrity, respectively.  For a free consultation with our skilled attorneys, call (801) 506-0800.