Road biking can be one of the best forms of transportation. Cyclists are not polluting the environment like motor vehicles; they are getting great exercise and they are having fun as they do it. The popularity of cycling is growing and drivers should become more aware of cyclists on the road, which in turn would create a safer environment for the sport and perhaps foster even greater participation.

Unfortunately many Utah drivers are dangerously unaware of the rights of a cyclist on the road. Because of this, when an accident happens involving a bicycle, drivers may feel that the fault lies with the cyclist. In many cases a lawyer with bicycle law expertise is needed to help resolve the problems created in the accident.

It never ends well when someone on a bicycle gets in an accident—the injuries are almost always more severe than for a motorist. Because of the little protection that a bicycle provides, injuries from a bike accident can be very severe. The best defense while on the road is a good understanding of the rules of the road and of how to stay safe. Here is a list of 7 vital tips that will keep you safe while on your bike.

  1. Follow the rules of the road – Bicycles are considered moving vehicles in the state of Utah and as such are subject to all traffic signs and lights.
  2. Always ride with traffic – Always stick to the right hand side of the road. Motorists do not expect to see you coming at them.
  3. Don’t pass on the right – Passing on the right will put you in the driver’s blind spot and the driver will not expect you to be on that side of the car.
  4. Don’t use headphones while cycling – As nice as it is to exercise while listening to music, you need to be able to hear what is going on around you, especially in heavy traffic areas.
  5. Dress to be seen – Wear bright or reflective clothing. This will help drivers to avoid you.
  6. Use lights at night – When driving at night make sure that you have a headlight on the front and a red reflector on the back. This will make you more visible to motorists.
  7. Use your hand signals – Hand signals are your way of communicating to motorists where you are going. Learn them and use them frequently.

These 7 tips can make all the difference while riding your bike on the road. It will allow drivers to keep their distance and thereby keep you safe. Unfortunately these tips do not eliminate 100 percent of the risk that comes with cycling. Drivers make mistakes and accidents happen. If this happens you could be seriously injured and left with costly medical bills. In this event, you should consider hiring a bicycle accident lawyer that will assist you in getting the compensation you need while recovering from the accident. Call Christensen & Hymas today at (801) 506-0800.