Looking for a fun destination escape that could get your blood pumping while providing you with a little one-on-one time with your bike? You’re not going to want to miss these breathtaking cycling routes set in some of the world’s most beautiful landscapes, from the rivers of Canada all the way to the brush of the outback.

Whether you are looking for something a little more safe and care-free, or something a little more adrenaline inducing, we’ve found some great trails that can fit both your fitness level and need for adventure. We’ve also found a few of the world’s most dangerous trails–rides where the risk might not be worth the pay-off.

Safe and Care-Free Rides

We recommend these five trails for a safe, easy ride. Biking expeditions can be long, but are usually low-budget and relaxing; it’s a trip on the road rather than a whirlwind rush.

1. La Route Verte, Canada

With over 3,000 miles of connecting cycling trails through Quebec, this new trail leads through some of Canada’s most beautiful rivers, lakes, fjords, and view points. Named by National Geographic as the world’s best bike trail, La Route Verte–which means the green road–is also North America’s longest cycling network.  This is an easy ride that winds through cosmopolitan areas, quaint villages, coastal roads, and lush forests. From calm roads along St. Lawrence’s River to mountain views in Laurentides, the ride has something every biker will love.

2. Underground Railroad Route, U.S.A./Canada

This route stretches from Mobile, Alabama, to Owen Sound, Ontario, and was built to honor slaves who used the path on their route to freedom. Broken up into five segments, the trail totals a distance of 2,057 miles. Museums and former slave markets are scattered along the way, making this one of the more educational cycling trails.

3. Ruta Austral, Chile

This unpaved path runs from the seaside town Puerto Montt in central Chile to Villa O’Higgins in northern Patagonia. With over 770 miles of remote trails to travel, cyclists can connect with the exotic Chilean landscapes as they pass everything from hot springs to mountain glaciers. There are also numerous ferryboat transfers along the way, giving cyclists time to rest and enjoy the beautiful country.

carretera austral trail

The Austral Road in Chile by Carlos yo via Wikimedia commons

4. Munda Biddi Trail, Western Australia

Munda Biddi means “path through the forest” in the Noongar language. True to its name, the trail runs through miles of “jarrah” (eucalyptus) forest. Along the way, cyclists often catch a glimpse of forest natives like wallabies, gray kangaroos, and brushtail possum.

5. Cape Argus Cycle Tour, South Africa

Looping from South Africa’s Cape Peninsula, this 68-mile tour leads you up three challenging but breathtaking peaks. Every year in the spring over 35,000 people come out to participate in the Cape Argus Tour, making it the world’s largest individually-timed cycle race. This route gives you an amazing view of one of South Africa’s #1 tourist attraction, Table Mountain National Park.

Dangerous, Adrenaline-Rush Rides

Chapmans peak as a part of argus  cape cycle tour

Cape Argus Cycle Tour, South Africa by Andre Peters and Dominik Peters via Wikimedia commons

Of course, not all bike routes are created equal. On your trek around the world, you might hear about some of these infamous trails. While exciting, these are considered some of the most dangerous biking routes for a reason, so it might not be a bad idea to stay clear of them all together. If you do decide to tackle one of these rides, be sure to stay safe, know your skill level, and research the route before you attempt it.

1. Yungas Road, Bolivia

This trail (also known as the Death Road) is a narrow, 40-mile road paved only by gravel and dirt. Stretches bordered by mudslides, rockfalls, and 2000-feet drop-offs without a guardrail make this road one of the most dangerous in the world. Yet, if ridden with caution, this road can provide some of the most spectacular views in South America.

Yungas road, Bolivia

Yungas Road by Pattrön via Flickr

2. Strada Delle 52 Gallerie, Italy

Translated to mean “Road with 52 galleries,” this trail is a World War I military supply road located in the Pasubio Mountains. The “52 galleries” refer to tunnels in the mountain, which hid soldiers from enemies. With the trail so high in the mountains, it’s considered one of the most scenic bike trials in the world. However, the majority of the trail consists of dark, underground tunnels. Even in the sunlight, the road is riddled with potholes and travels along steep cliffs.

 3. Cliffs Of Moher, Ireland

Perhaps you remember these cliffs from the movie The Princess Bride, which referred to these cliffs as “the cliffs of insanity.” The trail is only a few inches wide in parts and has several 600-700 foot drops. Though filled with some of the prettiest landscapes and seascapes the “green isle” has to offer, it’s no wonder very few cyclists attempt this trail.

 4. Portal Trail, United States

Located in the famous Arches National Park in Moab, Utah, the trail begins on the red slick-rock then takes you over some very steep 200 foot cliffs. Despite its danger, this is a beautifully varied trail, winding across red sandstone and along mild rivers.

Portal trail in Moab

Portal trail, Moab

 5. Comfortably Numb Whistler, Canada

This 17-mile trail is the biking equivalent of a roller coaster ride. Leading you over slick pavement, steep cliffs, and narrow bridges positioned precariously over fast moving rivers, this trail is another only those with a lot of experience should attempt.

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