Spring-time is here, and with the season comes many fun and exciting outdoor activities. Among those favorite Utah spring-time activities includes bicycling. Whether it is mountain biking or regular road cycling, many in Utah pull out their dusty bikes and embrace the warmer climate. Spring-time mainly offers a more conducive environment for citizens to trade in their motor vehicles for bicycles, resulting in saving money, enhanced physical fitness, and enjoying the sunshine.

On the contrary, riding a bicycle increase your chances of an injury. If you perhaps share the road with motor vehicles, the chances of an accident rise. For one, it is hard to see a bicycle when drivers are paying attention to other motorists. Secondly, a bicycle offers minimal, if any, protection for the rider. When you decide to begin bicycling this spring, remember to be safe, and if you do find yourself a victim in a bicycle crash, contact an accident attorney before your statute of limitations has passed.

Catch the Latest News in Cycling Utah

Utah is a very busy and entertaining place, at least in terms of the outdoors! Wherever you look, you could find some sort of an event or activity going on. Recreational sports such as bicycling are highly favored and supported just as much as the Utah Jazz. Cycling Utah is a magazine published by passionate bicycling enthusiasts who share the latest news and safety information with the public. You could view their magazine online at cyclingutah.com, or pick up a copy throughout the city. If you are a bicyclist who desires updated information for your favorite activity, the following is a list of reasons you need to become a regular reader of Cycling Utah:

  1. Find monthly advice on safety;
  2. Read latest races scheduled in the area;
  3. Become aware of the political support for bicyclists; and
  4. Become more aware of what trails and paths are the best throughout Utah.

The bicycle attorneys at the Christensen Law Firm are dedicated to their community and clients. Similar to Cycling Utah, we are passionate in taking care of our community and providing them with the best information possible. If you should ever become injured resulting from an accident, a bicycle attorney is always near. For a free consultation, contact us at 1-801-506-0800.