With the amount of bicycle riders in the nation’s largest 70 cities doubling between 1990 and 2012 and billions of cycle trips being made every year, it is not surprising that technological advances in cycling technology have increased dramatically these last few years. This year, in particular, we are seeing a spike in gadgets and apps proposed and produced by cycling enthusiasts.  In the words of New York Times blogger Meghan Petersen, this rise in technology has converted “what used to be a simple, healthful mode of transport” into a “a tech festival on wheels.” Many of the following gadgets listed come from her well-researched March blog post.  It is important to note that while many of these items are in the prototype stage, they represent the future of bicycle safety.


Syracuse University student Jeremy Mingtao Wu invented a bicycle indication device and app which connects a GPS with “blinker lights” on your bike.  By inputting your destination into the GPS positioned on your handlebars, the program immediately activates turning indicators on your bike, alerting you and those behind you when you are supposed to turn.  See his website or this Syracuse news story for more information.

Bike Spike

BikeSpike, a device that is attached to the bike frame, contains a GPS device that allows you to track it from your smartphone. This device allows you to track your family members or friends on their trips or can alert you to your bike’s location if it has been stolen.


BitLock is a bike lock that can be locked and unlocked by a smartphone app so that you do not have to carry a key around with you or worry about lost or broken keys. The bike sensor recognizes you from three feet away.

Blinderlights by Knog

Blinderlights are high-powered, waterproof LED lights that are USB rechargeable. Knog technology produces lights for both performance and for the purpose of being seen by others.

Copenhagen Wheel

The Copenhagen Wheel replaces your back wheel and tracks your pedaling, your distance, and the calories you burn.

EPS Products

EPS products include electronic drivetrain and shifters that make shifting gears easier.

Helios Bars

Helios Bars also use smartphone and bluetooth technology to connect you with GPS devices that include ambient lighting and turn-by-turn navigation.

Hovding Inflatable Helmet

Hovding‘s inflatable bike helmet works like an automobile air bag by detecting a crash and instantly forming a brace around your head and neck.

ICEdot Crash Sensor

The ICEdot Crash Sensor also uses smartphone technology to detect crashes and send signals to 911.

Loud Bicycle

Loud Bicycle was created to have the same result that car horns do—startling others nearby.

Morpher Folding Helmet Technology

This helmet, as the name suggests, can fold in half and be stored in your briefcase as you go to work.

See Sense

See.Sense has sensors that trigger the lights on your bike to flicker like brake lights. If you swerve or brake, the lights flash from all angles to alert drivers that may be too close.

Siva Cycle Atom

The Siva Atom is a USB battery pack that is recharged by pedaling and can be connected directly to any USB-powered device such as your phone or bike light.

Xfire Bike Lane Light

The Xfire Bike Lane light is equipped with two high-visibility red lasers that project two three-foot lines onto the road and create a bike lane that can alert drivers up to a mile away.

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Photo Courtesy of Abd allah Foteih