\Two cyclists were hit by a maroon car at Kimballs Lane 700 East in Draper, Friday afternoon. The cyclists were wearing bright colors and could easily be seen. They were riding together when a car came from an adjoining road and struck them from the side. An ambulance carried the injured cyclists to the hospital.

The Christensen Law Firm wishes to send their deepest condolences to the victims and their families. As cyclists and advocates of bicycle accident victims, the staff at the firm knows how bike accidents can affect the lives victims.

Bicycle accident attorneys, Ken Christensen and Russell Hymas, have repeatedly warned of the dangers cyclists are confronted with due to unaware, distracted, or otherwise impaired drivers.

They have authored the Utah Bicycle Accident Handbook in hopes of educating drivers and cyclists on the importance bicycle safety, on and off the road. The book covers what a victim should do in the case of an accident and what to do after the accident. For a FREE copy call 1 800 LAW BOOK.