Cyclist_800px-Cyclist-Cologne-475_by ProfDEH on WikipediaLiving in Utah has many perks, such as the beautiful scenery, ideal for many outdoor activities. Our state is full of serene features that attract travelers from all over the world.  One spectacular view is the many descents throughout our mountains, a view that outdoor enthusiasts, especially bicyclists, abundantly enjoy. As bicyclists enjoy the breathtaking view of descending down the curvy roads of our local area, proper safety measures must apply. In order to prevent bicycle accidents, paying attention to the road ahead and learning how to ride in the most challenging situations can ultimately save your life.

Descending down our vastly elevated mountains create higher than normal speeds that can become a very dangerous circumstance for any bicyclist, especially a novice.  One particular article from makes a few suggestions in regard to descending while taking a curve. In essence, higher speeds require a bigger arch when turning. Therefore, when making a right-hand turn, begin the turn closest to the yellow line on the left when entering the apex, then move to the white line on the right till the curved road straightens. For a left-hand turn, begin the turn closest to the white line on the right when entering the apex, then move to the yellow line on the left till the curved road straightens.

Bicycle Accident Attorney Warns of Road Danger for Bicyclists

Whenever a bicyclist shares the road with motor vehicles, there are an inherent dangers present. Ultimately the difference in speed, size, and protection separates a bicycle from any other vehicle on the road. Thus practicing sound safety measures on the road is the number one rule for bicyclists. The following is a list of ways to help protect yourself and ensure you enjoy the scenery while on the road:

  1. Wear reflective gear and make sure you stand out;
  2. Stay out of a driver’s blind spot;
  3. Make sure you have working brakes;
  4. Be aware of your surroundings; and
  5. Slow down.

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Photo courtesy of ProfDEH on Wikipedia