utah sidewalk cycling laws

Many cyclists run into situations in which it is unclear where they can ride. In some places, it is illegal to ride on sidewalks, but in other places it is not! Understanding Utah sidewalk cycling laws can clear up this confusion and make for a smoother ride.

Utah Sidewalk Cycling Laws: the Basics

Unlike many states in the country, Utah law states that cyclists can ride on the sidewalk. However, as with most laws, there are some exceptions to the rule:

  • Cyclists are allowed to ride on sidewalks outside of downtown districts.
    • In Salt Lake City, sidewalk cycling is prohibited in the square area between North Temple, 500 South, 400 West, and 200 East.
    • In Provo, riding on the sidewalk is not allowed in the downtown areas near University Avenue and Center Street.
    • University of Utah and Brigham Young University have varying rules on bike riding. Students should check their school policies before riding on campus.
  • When cycling on a sidewalk, you need to pay attention to pedestrians.
    • It is polite to vocally warn them when you are approaching from behind.
  • Use hand signals on the road and on the sidewalk.
  • Signs displayed on a street may tell you that sidewalk cycling is illegal on that particular street. Pay attention to these signs in order to avoid a ticket.

Is Sidewalk Cycling Safer?

It depends on where you are. These factors all play a role in riding safety:

  • Busy, high-traffic areas will always be dangerous.
  • Cycling on pedestrian-packed sidewalks is inconvenient and dangerous.
  • Be extra cautious at crosswalks. Assume that cars are not going to stop. Only cross when it is absolutely safe.
  • Watch out for trees, mailboxes, or other obstacles that could prevent cars from seeing you.

Watch carefully, be alert and aware of your surroundings, and ride courteously. Doing these things on top of following all of the Utah sidewalk cycling laws will make for a fun and safe ride.

If you are injured in a bike accident, contact the Utah Bicycle Lawyers today. Whether you were riding on a sidewalk or not, you may be able to receive financial help for your medical bills and bike damages.

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