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A few weeks ago, we made a trip down to St. George to get our cycling legs under us again. We gathered with cyclists from the Zone 5 team for their Spring Camp. We got some serious riding in on this Utah cycling trip, and here’s our report!

Our Utah Cycling Trip Report

This trip was fun, peaceful, and a much needed challenge. We’ve been on cycling teams before, but never really taken part in any type of team camp. It was a new experience and this cycling trip turned out to be very enjoyable. Zone 5 is a group of serious cyclists who broke off from an old team to start a new one. They originally planned for the team to be small, but ended up welcoming others into the fold and now have over 110 cyclists!

The team met up in St. George to kick off the season and enjoy a nice Utah cycling trip. We rode for three beautiful days with about 60 other cyclists. It was fun getting to know team members, riding with new people, and experiencing warm, spring weather.

On the first day of the ride, about 45 of us rode around St. George and along the stunning San Halo Reservoir. The next day, we rode about 64 miles and climbed 4,500 feet up the beautiful red-rock Snow Canyon.

We made our way into the city of Veyo and climbed to the top of Pine Valley and around Gunlock reservoir into Ivins. Riding up Pine Valley was challenging, but quiet and peaceful. We were the only ones on the road this time of year — a great way to get outside and enjoy nature uninterrupted. It was extremely windy when we were coming down Pine Valley, but it ended up being a great experience because two of the strongest cyclists on the team pulled for us. We all worked together and the unity made the ride so much more enjoyable. This experience showed how great of an experience cycling can be, in spite of its difficulty.

We stayed with some close friends, ate a team dinner, and got to know the other cyclists — some of whom brought their spouses and families. We rode a total of about 144 miles during these three days and made 60 new friends. Spring camp with our new Zone 5 team is something we will definitely look forward to in the future.

Here is a link to my Strava profile if you are curious about this ride or any other Utah cycling trip we’ve taken.

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