survive a long bike ride

In a healthy training plan, you should have the occasional long ride. It’s a great way to build cardio endurance, build muscle, and stretch yourself mentally. Let’s talk about how to survive a long bike ride.

Tips on How to Survive a Long Bike Ride

  • Be Hydrated
    • The first steps in surviving a long bike ride are in preparation. If you’re hydrated long before your ride starts, and stay hydrated throughout the ride, it will be much less miserable.
  • Take Food You Know
    • Don’t test out new foods on a long ride- bring along your normal gels, snacks, and drinks.
  • Check Your Tires and Bike Maintenence
    • Make sure your bike is in tip top shape before a long ride. Check your tire pressures.
  • Save Your Energy
    • While riding, don’t charge too fast at the beginning or you’ll run out of energy. Pace yourself so that you can ride steady and finish strong.
  • Go With a Group
    • Riding in groups is not only a great distraction, but you can use each other to get a little rest. Take turns leading in the front, and everyone can get a little bit of a break in between turns.
  • Body Position
    • Another thing that saves energy is shrinking your body. Tuck your arms and head into your bike to narrow your air impact. Better aerodynamics means less work your legs have to do.
  • Make Mini Goals Along the Way
    • If you slice up your long run into a few little chunks, it’s much more doable. Say, “I can make it 3 more miles” or “I’ll make it to the lake.” Then, set another goal. Switch it up. Make it fun.

What Are the Benefits of Long Rides?

The National Academy of Sports Medicine says that long rides during which you focus on endurance can help your aerobic energy system. Your muscles grow, your capillary density grows, and your body learns to absorb more oxygen. Your ability to produce energy will increase as well, which is a vital part of an exercise regimen.

Long rides also help with mental endurance and emotional stability. You will learn to tell your body to push through pain and have the confidence of knowing how to survive a long bike ride.

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