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Many new cyclists ask similar questions: Should I get bike insurance? Should I ride clip-less?  One such question is very important to answer correctly. That is, should I ride with or against traffic? This may seem trivial, but it is very important to ride with the flow of traffic. In fact, it is against the law not to. There are many reasons for this. In this post, we will break down why it is so important for cyclists to ride in the correct direction on the road.

Ride with or against Traffic? Go with the Flow

Utah law states that cyclists must “operate in the designated direction of traffic.” This means that, on any road, you must ride in the same direction as the cars driving alongside you. This law exists because a cyclist’s decision to ride with or against traffic carries significant consequences.

  • Riding a bike against the flow of traffic increases the potential for serious accidents. A head-on collision with a car coming towards you will likely cause serious injury and damage.
  • Cyclists riding against traffic can’t see important signs and markers on the road. These signs are deliberately placed to face oncoming traffic.

In addition to these points, drivers simply won’t be expecting cyclists riding against traffic. When they turn, change lanes, or make another maneuvers on the road, they will check the traffic moving in their same direction. Don’t catch a driver by surprise!

What to Do in Case of an Accident

As Utah’s bicycle lawyers, we know that the vast majority of cyclists are responsible and follow the law. We trust that you know what to do when deciding to ride with or against traffic. Unfortunately, this does not guarantee that you are completely safe on the road. Accidents happen — and they can cause serious injury and deal huge financial blows.

If you are injured in a bike accident, you may be eligible for compensation to help with medical and financial needs. Please contact us and let us help you on the road to recovery. We pride ourselves on serving the Utah cycling community.

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