You are the Guardian of the Night. You are the Champion of Dusk. Maybe that is dramatic, but you might be someone who likes riding at night. Whether it be the summer heat pushing you to ride in the evening or having to pull a late day at work, it is important to understand some of the basics of night riding. The first thing to keep in mind is:



This is the most important aspect of night riding. If you can be seen, then you are much less likely to be part of an accident. In fact, you are required by Utah law to equip your bike with:

  • A front white light visible at 500 ft.
  • A rear reflector or red light visible at 500 ft and
  • Side reflectors

We recommend that you have a nice front light and back tail light, rather than just a reflector. They are more reliable and will insure your bike safety. Depending on where you are riding will also determine the type of front light you should use. If you are riding on roads with street lights, a small battery light will do the trick.

Keep your light parallel to the road so cars can see it. If you find that you are having a hard time seeing in front of you, you may be better suited for a generator light or a high powered battery light. These lights will also be useful if you are planning on doing more rural night riding. Go only as fast as your lights let you see. Slow down if you need to.

In addition to your bike lights, also follow the three R’s rule. Reflectors, reflectors, reflectors. While your bike is required to have lights, you should also outfit yourself and your ride with plenty of reflectors or reflector tape. Put it on your bike, your pack, a vest, and your helmet.


Your visibility can only do so much. To fill in the gaps you have to be extra alert when riding at night. Even though we live in Utah there are still plenty of drunk drivers and even more drowsy drivers (which can be just as dangerous as drunk driving). Stay on your toes, literally. Since your visibility is compromised with the low light, shift your weight to your legs rather than your seat. Your legs will be able to compensate for the unseen bumps and dips.


Like any time you are cycling, you should be prepared. As mentioned above, you should be equipped with proper lighting. On top of that, you should also buy a pair of clear cycling glasses. You can buy anything from professional level sports glasses, to cheap safety glasses from Walmart. This will allow you to keep your eyes open and alert at all times. Also when riding at night always use a bike you are  comfortable with.

Once the preparations are done, enjoy the night breeze. Stay safe while you are riding and if you do get in an accident, give us a call. We are experienced cyclists as well as Utah Bicycle Lawyers that know how to help.