If your motivation to hop on your bike and get out on the road for a winter workout is lacking, you may want to consider changing up that playlist of yours. Because let’s be real, you’ve listened to “I Can’t Feel My Face” about 500 times too many. Some fresh tunes may be just what you need to hit the ground pedaling.

Dopamine by BØRNS

A good winter workout will increase your brain’s release of dopamine—a chemical associated with feelings of pleasure and satisfaction. For an extra dose of it, let BØRNS accompany you on your morning ride.

Alors On Danse by Stromae

Stromae is the Belgian musician you didn’t know you were a fan of. Don’t distract yourself by trying to understand what he’s saying; we all speak music.

Prayer In C (Robin Schultz Remix) by Lily Wood & The Prick

Digital Love (Panic City Remix) by Daft Punk

What happens when you mix Daft Punk with Panic City? You panic, punk. Okay, bad puns aside, maybe it’s time to add a little more Daft Punk to your repertoire. This Panic City remix is so danceable you won’t be able to help but pedal harder.

I Turn My Camera On by Spoon

If there’s a better cool-down song than this, we’re not aware of it. Turn this one up loud, because after your winter workout, you’ll turn everybody’s camera on.