training in a new season

Adjusting your training plan to the demands of a new season will help you get the most out of your cycling. Weather and road conditions can be unpredictable, but taking charge and being prepared can keep you fit regardless of circumstances.

Getting started is the most important and usually the hardest step. Once you develop good riding habits and find a rhythm, training is much easier. A training plan helps put you on the path towards success, especially if you’re training for a specific race or getting back on the road after some time off. Here are a few of our tips on how to get your plan started:

Start Making Your Training Plan Today

  • Start now. Waiting until it’s just a little bit warmer or work becomes less stressful will cost you valuable time. Always putting off your training until tomorrow usually means it won’t ever happen. Besides, once we start working towards our goals, it’s easier to get excited about them and keep going.

Set Goals For Your Training

  • Setting goals is one of the most important steps towards having a successful training plan. These goals need to be realistic, quantifiable, and written down. Your goals could be anything from riding a certain number of miles each week to qualifying for an important race! Your goals should be uniquely challenging to you, and you must have a desire to reach them.

Plan Realisticallycouple with a training plan

  • Even though you need to have challenging goals, don’t mistake your training plan for a wish list. You need to be realistic in designing your training plan, especially after a long break or an injury. Listen to and challenge your body, but be kind to it. You may struggle unnecessarily if you make a plan that is too demanding or unrealistic. The best training plan is one that pushes you, but doesn’t make you miserable.

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