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With all of the innovation happening today, why not use technology to keep yourself safe? Cycling safety technologies are a booming industry. They offer cyclists and mountain bikers many new resources and tools for staying safe on roads and trails.

We are Utah’s Bicycle Lawyers, and have seen how cycling safety technologies can help prevent serious injuries in bike accidents. Here are some of our favorites:

5 Cycling Safety Technologies To Check Out


  • This is a wearable, motion-sensing smartphone charger. The energy you produce while cycling or jogging charges your phone. Strapping an Ampy charger on during a bike ride helps ensure that your phone has lasting battery life. Having your phone with you on a ride, especially a long-distance one, is an important safety habit.

Smith Helmets

  • This is a new helmet equipped with impact technology. Smith uses materials which increase impact absorption and protection. Smith helmets are a high-tech option to protect your head — the most important part of your body to protect.

XFire Bikelane

  • The “Bikelane” projects a super-bright LED laser onto the ground in two lines on either side of your bike. This creates your own personal “bike lane,” making it easier for drivers to determine how close they are to you. More importantly, it prevents cars from turning into cyclists in their blind spot, due to the length of the projected lane.

LOPOO Smart Bike Tail Light

  • This attachable light functions as a turn signal, as well as a brighter-than-average tail light. A turn signal eliminates the need for hand signals, which can make for safer riding. This light is also wireless and rechargable.

ICEdot Crash Sensor

  • This sensor is a yellow dot that you attach to your helmet. It will notify a pre-selected contact in your phone when there has been significant impact to your helmet. This way, a potentially life-threatening injury can be treated more quickly.

These cycling safety technologies, along with cautious and responsible cycling, can help save your life.

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