You’ll notice when your bike doesn’t fit. You ache all over and your afternoon ride is compromised because you aren’t comfortable. Here is some advice to help you fit your bike to your riding style:

General Sizing Tips

  • Adjust your bike to match your ability. If you are just beginning, you do not need a low, aerodynamic position like the pros.Your flexibility and endurance will increase over time. Gradually ease yourself into a professional setting.  You’ll likely right faster if you are in a familiar and comfortable position.
  • Get the right frame. If your bike is too big or small, it will be difficult to adjust the seat, handlebars, and pedals to give you the ultimate fit. A sales associate can help you find the right frame.

Standover Height Fit

When you are straddling your bike, make sure that you have 1 inch between you and the straight top tube, if the tube is parallel with the ground. If the top tube slopes, make sure that your clearance is 2 inches.

Upper Body Position Fit

Having an effective ETT is critical for your fit. A good ETT fit will provide a modest amount of shock absorption in your arms, and give you enough movement to reach the brakes. You have ensure a good ETT fit by:

  • having your torso at a 45 degree angle with your hips
  • having your torso at a 90 degree angle with your arms (If your arms are too short, or have tight hamstrings you can bring your handlebars closer by swapping out the stem)

Saddle Height Fit

With your saddle in the right position, you can efficiently, and powerfully, maximize your leg strength.

With your foot and the bottom of the pedal stroke, your leg should be at 80-90 percent of its full extension. 

Bike Seat Fore/Aft Position

Position- When your leg is at 3 o’clock, you knee should be aligned with the forefront of your foot. You should have an imaginary line from the bottom of your knee cap, to the ball of your foot, centered in the middle of the pedal. Your shin should be tilted forward.

Adjustment- loosen the saddle binder bolt and slide your saddle forward or backward until your knee is aligned with your foot.

The Utah Bicycle Lawyers want you to have a good, safe ride. Riding safely depends on how well your bike fits.