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No matter how accomplished or experienced you are as a cyclist, it always helps to set goals. Staying motivated and engaged is essential to an effective cycling regimen. At Utah Bicycle Lawyers, we like to set cycling resolutions at the start of each year, and this post shares some of ours for 2017. Leave a comment and let us know what yours are!

Ideas for Cycling Resolutions

A lot of new year’s goals revolve around personal fitness and losing weight, but we wanted to set goals that helped make riding more fun and interesting. Here are some of our ideas.

  • Find a New Cycling Partner

Cycling with partners and groups can be fun and foster some healthy competition. Also, it may give you an opportunity to help someone fulfill a resolution to exercise more.

  • Ride to a New Place

There may be many places in your area that you have not explored yet. Try a new bike path, or some new off-road terrain if you are a mountain biker. 

  • Increase Distance

We mentioned that cycling resolutions are often fitness-oriented, and this one accomplishes two things at once. Longer rides can help you find new places, as well as increase fitness and stamina.

  • Join a Club

Clubs are not only for hard-core cyclists. There are cycling clubs for every level of cyclist, where you can learn from other riders and form some new friendships.

  • Save to Ride in a Foreign Country

Cycling abroad can be a great experience, especially if you do not often get the opportunity to travel. Obviously, this takes time and money, but saving for a cycling vacation can be very rewarding.

Utah Bicycle Lawyers: Helping you Reach your Goals

Unfortunately, accidents and injuries get in the way of many people”s cycling resolutions. If you are injured in a cycling accident due to someone else’s negligence or recklessness, you deserve compensation. As Utah’s Bicycle Lawyers, we work to help injured cyclists win their personal injury claims.

If you have questions about bicycle accident law, we can answer them! Order a free copy of our book, The Utah Bicycle Accident Handbookor fill out the free consultation form on this page. We are committed to providing the best injury representation available to Utah’s cyclists.

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