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In a sport like cycling, it is essential to be prepared for an emergency. You do not want to wind up far from home and unprepared on a long ride. Keeping a small cycling emergency kit with you on long or isolated rides can be very helpful. This post lists some suggestions for these types of kits. If you know of other helpful tools that you take with you on rides, leave a comment and let us know!

The Basics of a Cycling Emergency Kit

In addition to the water, snacks, and keys you probably already bring with you on your rides, other equipment can be useful to bring along. Parts of an effective cycling emergency kit may include:

  • Air Pump

Whether you use a traditional pump or CO2 cartridges, it is helpful to have a way to re-inflate your tires. CO2 cartridges are small and easily portable, but are also single-use. Pumps are larger and harder to pack, but give you an unlimited air supply.

  • Replacement Inner tube

A spare inner tube is important in case you pop one of your tires. If you have this and other tools to fix the problem, you can save yourself the frustration of a long walk (or wait) to get help.

  • Basic First-Aid Kit

A basic first aid kit can help both you and any other cyclists you are riding with.Gauze, bandages, and antiseptic ointment will help you deal with scrapes and cuts on the road.

Other Things to Include

  • Bag

The easiest way to carry your cycling emergency kit is in a pack that attaches to your seat. This will keep the items out of the way, but easy to grab if you need them. You can find these at retailers like REI.

  • Tire lever

These tiny, affordable tools will make tire changes easier and get you back on the trail faster.

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