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You may have heard that the law requires cyclists to walk their bikes through crosswalks, but this is more of a suggestion than a rule. However, there are actual crosswalk rules which you should always follow.

Cyclists need to know these crosswalk rules. Intersections are dangerous places, especially for bikes. A woman in California recently died after she was hit by a car while cycling through a crosswalk.

Crosswalk rules can protect cyclists from causing accidents, as well. Last year in Seattle, a cyclist hit and injured a pedestrian in a crosswalk. How could this have been avoided?

Basic Crosswalk Rules

These are some of the simplest ways to avoid collisions in the crosswalk.

Don’t ride where bikes are prohibited

  • Obey signs that prohibit bikes on sidewalks, crosswalks, or pathways. These rules often have good reasons, and you can be fined for not doing what they say.

Remember that you have the same responsibilities as a driver

  • You must yield to pedestrians before turning through a crosswalk.

You must ride as fast as others near you

  • Match speeds with other people using the crosswalk. Usually, this means riding as fast as a walking pedestrian.

Walking your bike across the street, though not required, may be your best option

  • Walking your bike through a crosswalk isn’t always necessary, but it is a safe option. This is especially true in hectic, high-traffic areas.
  • You will have greater control over your situation and be more alert to your surroundings. Drivers are more likely to see you if you are walking.

We handle many different kinds of cases, but accidents in crosswalks and intersections are some of the most common. You can help keep the roads safe for everyone by following these crosswalk rules.

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