Most of us have the comfort of regular streets and bicycle lanes, but there are bikers all over the world with different challenges, in all kinds of terrains and environments. Over the years, bicycles have evolved to adapt to all kinds of needs, tastes, and expectations. While some would like to be able to build their ride entirely from wood – just in case the need for such a thing arises – others would like to ride their bikes easily over beach sand and into the water. Of perhaps they would like to blend in better with cars on the road. If you have any of these concerns, this list has the solution you have been looking for. Here are some of the most interesting and creative bicycles out there. Enjoy.


Sideways BikeFloating BikeFerrari BikeBeach BikeWooden BikeHyperbikeMotorcycle InspiredTank BikeWicker BikeEco 07: Folding BicycleQuadracycleTaga Bike