common bike accident injuries

The soreness, aches, and pains that come with cycling are certainly outweighed by the fun, fulfillment, and peace of mind you get from a good ride. But there are some common bike accident injuries that can overshadow those good things. Identifying and avoiding these injuries can be a great help:

The Most Common Bike Accident Injuries

Road rash

  • This happens when skin rubs against asphalt or concrete after a crash. This is a very painful injury, no matter how serious it is. Even light scrapes can be painful and limit your mobility for weeks. Serious gashes and wounds may require immediate medical help.

Broken clavicle (collarbone)

  • The impact after falling from your bike and landing on your shoulder can easily break your fragile collarbone. These breaks can range from minor stress fractures to serious fractures and separations of bones. Treatments can range from simple arm supports to surgery.

Broken legs and arms

  • Broken bones in general are a common injury when in an accident. Impact of a hard crash or getting hit by a car can have major effects on your bones. Similarly to all injuries, this injury can range from minor to serious, with varying treatment options available.

Head injuries

  • Wear your helmet — it will greatly reduce your chances of head injury. These injuries can range from bumps and headaches to traumatic brain injuries that can cause serious permanent damage.

Fatal injuries

  • While fairly uncommon, the possibility of a fatal bike accident is something to consider, especially when cycling in an area with heavy traffic or busy intersections. 720 cyclists died in bike accidents in 2015. 60% of these cyclists weren’t wearing helmets.

What to Do After a Bike Accident

  • If you’re conscious and not in extreme pain, check yourself for injuries. Start at your head by checking your helmet, and work your way down. If you’ve only scraped an elbow or knee, you can probably take a slow, easy ride home.
  • If you’re bleeding, dizzy, or in serious pain, call for help. Don’t try to do too much — you may make your injuries worse.

Cycling has many benefits, and we love it as much as anyone. However, just like with any sport, it has its risks. Common bike accident injuries can cause serious damage.

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