best bike racks for cars and SUVs

We all know how many opportunities there are for great cycling trips in Utah. Often, the biggest challenge facing a successful trip is getting your bike there in the first place. The safest way to transport your bike long-distance is with a car rack. With the many options out there, finding the right rack for you can be very difficult. Through our own experience as Utah’s Bicycle Lawyers, we have identified some of the best bike racks for different types of riding.

Different Styles of Bike Racks

Depending on your cycling needs and the style of your car, there are lots of different options for carrying your bike. Three of the most common types of bike racks are trunk, hitch, and roof racks.

trunk bike racks

Trunk Racks

Trunk racks work well for transporting two or three bikes at one time. A series of straps and hooks keeps the bikes securely in place. Trunk racks are simple to install, and with some adaptation can also carry skis and snowboards. You can also lock them to keep your bikes safe while your car is parked.



hitch bike racks


Hitch Racks

Many hitch racks can carry up to 5 bikes, making them a great choice for group trips. They are compatible with cars and SUVs equipped with a trailer hitch. Some hitches contain a “stop” a few inches in that may prevent your rack from securing fully, so make sure to check if yours will work. Installation is simple and easy, and this type of rack keeps your bikes at a safe distance from the back of your car.




roof bike racksRoof Racks

Roof racks can carry anything from bicycles to boats, with the proper adjustments. They are very versatile. While this type of rack does not obstruct a driver’s vision, you need to be aware of height limitations while driving under bridges and other overpasses.


Utah’s Bicycle Lawyers

We hope your cycling trips go as planned. There is nothing better than riding on the open road with friends. However, accidents happen, and it is important to have a plan for when they do. The experienced bike accident attorneys at Utah’s Bicycle Lawyers can help get you the compensation you deserve after an accident.

Because of our passion for this beautiful state and the sport of cycling, we take pride in representing injured cyclists in Utah. If you are injured in a bike accident, we want to help. Contact us for a free consultation today to learn what we can do for you.

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