CyclistsCycling is becoming a favorite activity for people of all ages. Because of this, we have also seen an increase in the accessibility and popularity of cycling and bike races as a competitive sport. For example, there are organized events hosted around Utah nearly every week during the Spring and Summer. Whether you are joining these races for fun or for sport, they are not free from danger.

While these bike races are created with your safety in mind, that does not mean that accidents and injury are not possible. In this article we will help you understand a few preventative measures, and what to do if you are involved in a a bike accident at an organized race.

How can I prevent an accident?

While these ideas will not prevent all accidents, they will help you to be cautious and careful while participating in a race.

  • Read the waiver and understand what you are getting into.
    • The waiver will contain some legal information, but it will also help you understand the potential dangers of the bike race.
  • Before you ever start the race you should know the layout of the course.
  • It is important to continue to follow regular bike safety rules, but also be familiar with the expectations and rules of the bike race.
  • Finally, while you are in a race, be respectful of the other cyclists around you so no one gets hurt.


What should I do if I do get hurt?

  • First and foremost you should make sure that you and the other people involved in the accident are okay.
  • Gather information and talk to eyewitnesses. The more details you have, the better it is for your insurance claim.
  • Once your immediate medical needs are taken care of, contact an experienced bike accident lawyer. They can help you recover damages and expenses caused by the accident.
    • Some cycling accidents just involve property damage and can be settled without an attorney, but this is not always the case.
  • Get the medical attention that you need and keep accurate documents of everything.
  • Read our free Bike Accident Handbook for clear explanations of every step of the bike accident claims process.

If you are seriously injured during a race, please contact us to receive a free consultation. Whether it be from a negligent driver (yes, this can still happen during a bike race), unsafe road conditions, or bike malfunctions, you can and should be compensated adequately for your loss.