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Crashes are an unfortunate part of cycling life. No matter how many steps we take to avoid them, they will still happen occasionally. Because of this, knowing what to do after a crash can be just as important as trying to prevent it. If you find yourself injured after a bike crash, immediately try to locate witnesses. The more evidence you can gather at the scene, the better your chances are of winning a bicycle accident case.

Helping Your Bicycle Accident Case Before it Starts

What you do in the moments after a bicycle accident can make or break your case. Locating any witnesses and recording their versions of events can help back up your claims. Here are some simple ways to help your bicycle accident case before it even starts:

Remain Calm

  • Get out of the way of danger, assess your situation, and try your best to think clearly.

Do Not Admit Fault

  • Even something as simple as “I’m sorry,” or “my bad,” can imply responsibility. Let the law determine who is at fault.

Call 911

  • Call an ambulance and get medical treatment if you need to. Remember, seemingly minor aches or bruises may be serious injuries.
  • Police reports are essential to any bicycle accident case. Witnesses can help make these reports more accurate.

Find Witnesses

  • Locating witnesses is a vital step in helping a future accident case.
  • Gather their contact information and encourage them to wait until police arrive. If they can’t stay, contact them as soon as possible.

Take Pictures

  • Take pictures of your bike, your surroundings, any injuries, tire marks on the road (which can be examined by professionals), and any other vehicles involved.

Gather Information

  • If you were hit by a car, record its license plate number, VIN number, make, model, and color.
  • Gather the driver’s insurance information, and pay attention to anything unusual about their physical characteristics or demeanor.
  • Be as detailed as you can, and write everything down.

Record All Details

  • Be overzealous in your gathering of information. Help your bicycle accident case before it starts.

Locating Reliable Witnesses

After an accident, look around to see if anyone saw it happen. If you can locate a witness, do all you can to get their contact information and encourage them to stick around until police arrive. An additional perspective can make it harder for insurance companies to deny you benefits. Witnesses can make or break a bicycle accident case, especially when the people involved tell different stories about what happened.

We love cycling and want to help cyclists stay safe on the road. We handle bicycle accident cases every day and understand how to construct a winning claim. Helping yourself after an accident by finding witnesses can play an essential part in such a claim. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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