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The modern world offers endless ways to improve our lives using technology. Why not use technology to improve your cycling?

Cycling apps can offer many solutions to nagging concerns or questions. Have you ever…

  • … gotten bored of your trails?
  • … lost track of your distance?
  • … worried about getting lost or injured while riding alone?
  • …. found a new route and wanted to remember it?

Cycling apps can help! They stay with you during your ride, inform you, track you, and can even help keep you safe.

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The Best Free Cycling Apps

You can learn more about downloading each app by clicking on its name.

This app gives you access to a large mountain-bike trail database. Cyclists can share and update content at any time. Its features include:

  • The largest database of mountain-bike trails in the world.
  • Offline access.
  • Location and elevation tracking.
  • Local routes, trail-heads, and riding logs.
  • Ability to save routes.
  • Trail status: closings, conditions, comments by other riders.

This app was created by a company which makes identification tags for cyclists and other road users. It can help keep runners, riders, and drivers safe.

  • The “eCrumbs” feature lets you notify friends and family that you’re going out for a ride and keeps them updated on your status.
  • It alerts friends and family when you have stopped moving.
  • It features a personalized lock screen which shows emergency contact and medical information.

This cycling app specializes in tracking. You can attach and upload info from an iPhone, Android, or Garmin GPS. It logs your workouts and helps you keep track of your progress.

  • Record your rides and compare route times.
  • Compete against your own records and others.
  • Connect and talk with friends.
  • Find new trails in your area or while traveling.
  • Track the status and maintenance of your bike and gear.

Created by the makers of Map My Run, this app does exactly what it says it does. Its simplicity attracts cyclists of all kinds.

  • Tracks and makes a trail out of your route, allowing you to repeat a good ride.
  • Social networking: connect with friends to collaborate on workouts.
  • Your info can be stored on both the app and a browser site.
  • Records route time, distance, pace, speed, elevation, and calories burned.

Last but certainly not least, this app gives you easy access to professional first aid and injury advice. It is operated by the American Red Cross.

  • Videos, quizzes, and step-by-step first aid help.
  • 911 integration: emergency medical services can be contacted directly from the app.
  • Emergency prevention tips.
  • Offline access, even without cell service.
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These and other cycling apps are very useful. They can improve your ride, but more importantly they can keep you safe. But no cycling app can replace a responsible cyclist. Always do your best to protect yourself. If you do become injured in an accident, protecting yourself extends to your recovery. As Utah’s Bicycle Lawyers, we want to help you. Contact us for a free consultation, and our assistance in getting you what you deserve.

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