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It is easy to miss cycling during the winter months. We certainly do — but we don’t forget about it completely. The off-season is a great time to read and watch great cycling books and movies. Not only are they entertaining, but many of them can inspire and improve our cycling habits once the warmer months roll around. In this post, we list some of the best cycling books and movies. Leave a comment and let us know your favorites!

Our Picks

Best Cycling Books

  • Rusch to Glory — Rebecca Rusch

Mountain biker and athlete Rebecca Rusch wrote this book about her riding and other experiences. We enjoyed reading about her adventurous rides through mountains and other trails throughout the world. This book will help inspire you to take on new and bigger challenges when you get back on the bike.

  • It’s All About the Bike — Robert Penn

It’s All About the Bike tells the story of one man’s dream to build the perfect custom bicycle. We love this book because it captures so much of what makes cycling great — from its history to the mechanical details. If you want to rekindle your love of cycling, we recommend this book.

  • The Rider — Tim Krabbe

While our first two recommendations are both great reads, we wanted to include a fiction book, as well. The Rider is a classic novel about road racing. It is a short read, so you can easily read it alongside our other favorites.

Great Cycling Movies

  • Breaking Away

The American Film Institute ranked Breaking Away as one of the best sports movies of all time. We agree. This is an inspiring story of friendship and competition which includes some great cycling scenes.

  • Bicycle Dreams

This documentary is about the Race Across America — a cross-country bike race that stretches over 3,000 miles. The film follows several riders in the race, and documents tragedy and endurance like few other cycling films. We highly recommend this film to any cyclist, but especially those interested in endurance racing.

Tell Us Your Favorites

We love cycling — that is why we started working as Utah’s Bicycle Lawyers. However, we are not the experts on the best cycling books and movies. These are just some of our favorites. If you know of any other great options, leave a comment and let us know! We love talking about cycling with our clients. If you ever have questions about bike laws in Utah, please contact us. We hope you enjoy our suggestions!

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